Repeatable Cybersecurity Sales

Sales effectiveness consulting & training for startups


Create a repeatable and scalable sales process

Startups need a solid GTM model and repeatable sales process to scale. You'll get both so that you have the confidence to scale the business.

Enable your team to hit their numbers.

Sales teams at startups need to execute at a high level to succeed. Your team will have the sales tools, skills and messaging that will allow them to hit their numbers.

Have a bigger impact as a leader

Spend much more time on what really matters (prospects, your team, your Exec team and the Board) so you can have a bigger impact as a leader.

Shouldn't growing sales at a software startup be easier?

Are your sellers executing great discovery calls? Are they working with the best prospects? You shouldn't have to be concerned if they are executing at a high level.

Are non-revenue-generating tasks taking up too much of your time? Find yourself frustrated wasting time?  You shouldn't be putting results at risk.

Resonating with your prospects can be hard.  How do you best describe what you do? How do you best differentiate? You shouldn't have to work on this puzzle without a guiding framework. 

Repeatable sales process, faster

Clear messaging

Communicate better with security leaders

Differentiate with confidence

Communicate value 

Ask the best questions for each persona

More effective sellers

Adopt best practices across the sales team

Have more effective sales calls

Maximize every sales opportunity

Ramp new hires faster

Grow sales quicker

Improve sales conversion rates

Find your scalable sales model quicker

Work on the right, qualified deals

Grow the sales team with confidence


Growing sales at a software startup is hard!

As the sales leader you are expected to deliver on the numbers even though everything is so murky..... the ideal customer profile, sales process, best use cases, and the most effective discovery questions are all a work in progress. 

You are under-resourced but the expectations are high.

I've been working in and with software sales teams for 25 years. With companies that were pre-product, through to the most established brands in the industry. I've helped sales teams adapt and take on new messaging, skills, and approaches.  They have transformed their results using the simple frameworks I have developed and adapted over my career.

Simple path to repeatable growth

Book a Strategy Call

Let's discuss what you're experiencing and what we can achieve. We'll know the gaps and have a plan to fill them. 


Execution of the plan to impact sales effectiveness and messaging as fast as possible.


Grow sales faster, with confidence, and with a repeatable sales process you can depend upon.


Tom Fusco

President of Americas @ Check Point

"An AMAZING teacher"

Andrew has demonstrated great knowledge and skill around not only selling, but teaching the art of selling. He has an extraordinary way of crafting communication so that it is received in the proper manner, thus increasing the effectiveness tenfold.

An expert at communicating business value, working with Andrew has yielded a tremendous amount of personal growth for me and I highly recommend him.

Dan Parelskin

VP Sales @ Axis Security

"A new approach that got results"

We were struggling to identify a consistent sales process and it was hard to dedicate the necessary time and resources to figure it out.  Working with Unstoppable we realized we were missing an opportunity to run more effective prospect meetings.

Unstoppable brought a new approach that allowed us to scale sales enablement much more cost-effectively than hiring an FTE and the sales team received better selling tools and frameworks that got results.

Feel like your first meeting deck could be more effective, but not sure how?

Dialling in your deck can be difficult. You are so in the weeds that it can be tough sometimes to see the bigger picture. 

I'll review your first meeting deck and give you easy to implement changes so that you better connect with your prospects and convert more first meetings to opportunities.

For free. No charge. Nada.   Under NDA.

Start the review process now